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A little more about us !

Original Metal Art is co owned by Stephen and Lauren Colgate. Stephen designs and manufactures his wonderful creations at his workshop in the Rayton, Gauteng Area. The metal artwork is handcrafted in 316 Stainless Steel and treated steel. Beautiful agates, slumped glass, glass beads,copper and brass are some of the inlays in the art.No two pieces are the same as they are all individually made and vary in size, shape and color. Steohen loves making dragons, seahorses and vutures. The range includes a variety of sea creatures, crabs, animals, birds, chameleons, various insects, geckos, and yatchs. All commissions are considered and Stephen loves a challenge.Besides the creative aspect Stephen does signage, house numbers and letters.

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Caring for your Artwork

Artworks are handcrafted in high grade, 316, Stainless Steel and in 1.6 mm hot rolled Steel and 1.2 mm cold rolled Steel. Plain Stainless steel pieces are suitable for indoors and outdoors. To clean, use a good quality Stainless steel cleaner or warm soapy water. IMPORTANT use only a stainless steel or plastic hook to hang the piece Heat treated Stainless steel brings out a variety of beautiful colors on the stainless steel. These pieces can be hung or placed outdoors, under cover or indoors. To clean, use warm soapy water and dry well. IMPORTANT, use only a stainless steel or plastic hook when hanging. The artwork crafted in 1.6 and 1.2 steel are primed, painted and varnished. These pieces are ONLY suited for indoor display. Preferably use stainless steel or plastic hook to hang. To clean wipe with a dry cloth and spray with a non greasy silicon spray Any questions or queries please contact us. Enjoy your new purchase